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Both, regular sheepskin with leather and wool, and long hair sheepskin are on this big fluffy toy. Any toy with the long wool is going to be a big toy, but this one features a 7" x 3" chunk of both furs. (These measurements are from the leather side of the hide, the furry side actually measures much larger.)
The toy measures 23" over all with a 15" black bungee handle for the handler end of the tug toy. All the handles are black on this toy, but the colors of the wool can vary. Most of the long wool are very light to white and the regular sheepskin can be darker.

BUNGEE RACER -  $29.50

Made with the same great Fur Force fuzzy fabric and real long wool sheepskin and leather for enticing scent attraction. Big enough for a large dog, long enough to run and drag behind you, or drape across your shoulders while running. 

The extra special feature on this toy is the bungee section between the dog end and the handler end of the toy. Bungees are so nice for comfortable tugging, especially when playing with big tough tugging dogs. 

The action on this toy is lovely, it can be flipped and twitched or tossed out and snatched back for that 'toy tease' that drives dogs wild. Just like the original Drag Racer, this version rates a 10+ on the Attract-O-Meter for dogs. 

The toy is just about 4' long end to end and features the same great microfiber fur over webbing interior that we use on our flat tug leashes and fur force toys. 

Get yours now, there's no better time to drive your dog wild.

BUNGEE EXTENDER -  $14.00(sorry out of stock)

This toy handle extension provides bungee cushioning to any leash or toy with a loop or hole to connect to. Just push the open handle of the Extender through the loop or hole in the toy, then double the extender back through its own loop. Easy and versatile! 
The Bungee Extender has many uses. The main intent is that it can be used to convert a short handled "Pocket" toy to a longer handle with bungee. It can also be used with Tug toys, leashes - anything you can connect it to! 
The Bungee Extender is 20" long, the black "connection loop"  is 1" flexible webbing. .

KE-HU ATOM Ke-hu Atom – tug toy $28.50

A Dog's favourite!

Ke-hu Atom has high-quality hol-ee roller ball. The ball is flexible and soft, so dog can get a good grip on it. .
Don't forget this tug also has bungee which
helps with the impact of tugging with your
Suitable for Medium/Large dogs

Made in Finland
KE-HU MEDIUM BALL  -    $30.00

Made in Finland

Ke-hu Medium Ball Tug It has Chuckit Ball, light and flexible hollow ball. Ke-hu Medium has faux fur strip that raises the dogs interest to the toy. Handle has flexibility and pleasant soft fleece lining and also bungee in the handle!

Approximately the size of a tennis ball