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Braided Bungee Sheep Chaser Tug - $30.00

Dogs love the game of chase and grab! This toy fills that need. The bungee handle makes it easier on the handler and turns a tough tug session into one more enjoyable . The Braided Bungee Sheep Chaser Toy is 36" long. It has a 7"x1.5" sheep chaser attached to a 15" multi-colored braided fleece section (rope reinforced for stability). This has been attached to a 14" bungee handle made from soft touch nylon. 

BUNGEE HANDLES -  $10.00 each 

The handles are roughly 70cm long from the end of the loop to the end of the handle and come in blue or pink.

You can attach the bungee handle to an existing tug to
make it longer or to a ball.
Also can be attached to the treat pods.



The Bungee Bar is a Wonder Bar with a bounce. This interactive dog toy features a smooth - but rugged - nylon exterior. The toy is stuffed with real sheepskin, with some fleece mixed in. This provides plenty of bite and scent stimulation, while ensuring that the toy is firm, but not hard.

The bungee handle gives this interactive dog toy bounce and movement and helps cushion shock during motivational training games. The bungee handle is strong and easy on your hands. Designed for maximum stimulation, even the most reluctant tuggers won't be able to resist this interactive dog toy.

The body of this toy is about 12" x 2" with a 3" fringe. The bungee handle is about 11" long
 Bungee Udder Tug - $24.00

 is made from recycled "inflations" ( the rubber liners used in milking machines on farms) sourced from local farms in Wisconsin and the midwest. The combination of the udder tug with a bungee handle makes for a sturdy tug that's tough enough for hard tuggers and easy on your arm when tugging.  

The udder section is 10" long with a 13" bungee handle. The inflations are sanitized, but still have a slight farm smell to them which makes for an even more exciting tug! 
In Stock now $29.00
The Bungee Rabbit Chuck-It Ball Tug combines three things that dogs love into one tug toy: a bungee handle to make tugging more fun for the dog and easier on your arm, real rabbit fur, and a rubber Chuck-It ball!

This tug toy is 19" in length. The rabbit fur section is approximately 3" long and the Chuck-It ball is standard size ball (2.5" diameter). 

Bungee Leash  -  On Special for $15.00

The Small Bungee Leash is designed for stress free, easy dog walking and jogging. The bungee leash has an elastic core that stretches and recoils automatically to cushion the connection between dog and handler. The bungee leash is 6' long when fully extended. This leash is machine washable and very durable.

Black or Royal Blue

To order email Janet at-

To order, please go to the bottom of the page!

The bungee handled fleece tug $32.00

Comprises of a short bungee handle and a braided fleece tug giving you that little bit more relief when playing with strong tugging dogs. The bungee handle ensures the handler has a comfortable grip, helping to reduce any jarring of the handler’s shoulder or the dog’s neck whilst playing tug.

Bungee reduces jarring of the dogs neck and handlers shoulder whilst playing tug
Handle made from climbing grade webbing, durable enough for the strongest tuggers
Braided and finished by hand

The Single-Handled Buffalo Tuff Tug is made with finished 8-10 oz. buffalo hide, one of the toughest natural hides available. We have tested the toy with some of the toughest tuggers we could find and the toy has proven itself a winner. Not only is it tough, but the hide feels smooth, soft, and supple so the dogs really like the feel of it in their mouths.

Having a handle on end of the toy gives you leverage while tugging. The Single-Handled Buffalo Tuff Tug is 12" long from the end of one handle to the end of the other. The bite area is 6" long and 1.5" in diameter. The soft-touch nylon handle!

Perfect for putting in pocket for quick access or under arm
for great focus while training.
Hol-ee Roller with bungee handle - $28.00

Everyone's ( and every dog..) favourite training toy, the JW Hol-ee Roller is now available with a bungee handle for more tugging FUN!

The height of the ball is 8.5 cm (JW ball size S) Size is suitable for small/medium to large dogs.