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Handmade from polar fleece, is soft on your hands and dogs
love tugging it.
Great fun for all dogs that love to play.

Size - measured from knot to knot it is approximately 80cm length
and approximately 3cm wide


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Tug-E-Nuff Little Tuggers - Mini  Football tug - $18.00  Clearance now $10.00
Is ideal for dogs who love to play with balls. It has a strong nylon handle which has been sewn to a small lattice football shaped rubber ball making it easier for a smaller mouth to hold onto.

From the top of the handle to the bottom of the ball this toy measures 30cm. SIzes are approximate and may vary slightly.

Puller Ring Exercises

There are a variety of exercises you can use with the innovative Puller Ring. Here are some of our favorite exercises that you can use as well with the Puller Ring:

Running Exercise
This is a popular method in which you use two Puller Rings. This exercise is excellent for training the retrieve and for developing speed and agility.

Ideally, you will stand in the middle of a field. Throw one Puller Ring in the LEFT direction. It is important you don't throw it like a frisbee. Throw it so that it rolls on the side like a wheel. Have your dog run to retrieve this Puller Ring.
As your dog makes their way back to you, throw the second Puller Ring in the RIGHT direction. This should be in the same direction your dog is running. The goal here is to increase your dog's motivation. They will drop their current Puller Ring and continue running an even longer distance to retrieve the second Puller Ring you just threw.
You can then take the Puller Ring your dog dropped and throw it in the other direction when they come back. Continuously exercising your dog back and forth is an excellent way to spend your dog's energy. Try to get as many retrievals as you can within 90 seconds.

Puller Sizes Available Below

Mini - Diameter 18 cm x 2 cm $17.00
(includes two rings)
    On Special Now for $12.00

Midi - Diameter 20 cm x 3 cm $21.00
(includes two rings)
     On Special Now for $17.00

2 rings concept
• Constant contact
• Strong motivation
• Helps in building bond with dog

Also Can Play the two toy game

Produced from special material:
• Absolutely harmless for dog’s jaws and teeth
• Lightweight and floaty
• Special durable material