Blings Bungee Bar Ring Tug Toy $24.00
The "bungee" portion of this toy is made  from soft-touch nylon 
 covering special shock cord. It is designed to act as a shock absorber
 between you and the dog so that you'll be more comfortable 
 while tugging and to provide exciting resistance to the dog 
 without you actually having to pull hard on the toy. This keeps 
 tugging fun for the dog, but makes tugging easier on your body! 
 The tension is just right for this purpose; you don't need to worry 
 about the toy flying back at you or the dog. 
 Bungee Ring Tug has two bite areas. The soft "stick" portion 
 of the toy is made from heavy-duty nylon , and is 9" long 
  and 1-1/4" in diameter. It is triple stitched to the bungee sections 
  of the toy for extra strength. Opposite the stick is a faux fur, 
  plush "bar" that is 9" long and 1-5/8" wide. The nylon runs through 
  the faux fur covering and is double stitched along the complete 
  length of the fur area for toughness. You can use either the stick 
  or the bar as your tugging handle and let the dog pull on the opposite 
  bite area.

  Two Handled Bunny Fur Tug - $23.00
The 2-Handled Bunny Fur Tug is made with faux fur plus a real rabbit fur center. 1" nylon webbing runs all the way through the toy for strength and loops into a handle on each end. The double-handled design gives you more leverage and makes it easier for you to tug with your dog. This is a great toy for dogs that need some extra motivation to get interested in playing. The toy is 28" long from the end of one handle to the other. The total bite area is approximately 14", including the 4.5" wide rabbit fur center. Available in assorted colors and patterns; please allow us to choose for you.      

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RamTuff Woolly Octopus Tug Toy -  $30.00

(out of stock)

The Ram Tuff Woolly Octopus Tug is made from genuine sheepskin and is a great toy for teasing and enticing puppies and harder to motivate dogs to play. Drag it on the ground and the tentacles will flip and flop around and excite your dog. The sheepskin portion of the toy is approximately 12" long; overall, the toy is approximately 32" long from the end of the soft suede leather handle to the tips of the tentacles.

Bungee Woolly Stick Tug Toy  -  $23.95
The "bungee" portion of this toy is a handle made from soft-touch nylon covering two pieces of shock cord. It is designed to act as a shock absorber between you and the dog so that you'll be more comfortable while tugging and to provide exciting resistance to the dog without you actually having to pull hard on the toy. This keeps tugging fun for the dog, but makes tugging easier on your body! The tension is just right for this purpose; you don't need to worry about the toy flying back at you or the dog.
The bungee handle is 19" long and is triple stitched to the stick for extra strength. The "stick" portion of the Bungee Woolly Stick Tug is an 8-1/2" tug stick made of heavy-duty nylon webbing stuffed with polyester. The stick is 1-3/8" in diameter. The "woolly" portion of the toy is a 3" square of genuine sheepskin at the bottom of the stick.

 DRAG RACE S.A.R MOTIVATOR SHEEPSKIN                                             $27.00
(guaranteed to get your dog or puppy motivated)
Another BIG toy. This was inspired by a California Search and Rescue Volunteer who wrote us asking for a special toy to train his dog. Now we offer you a toy big enough for any dog or puppy to
movitate, long enough to run and drag behind you, and two very enticing furry bite zones.
Fantastic to motivate with faux fur wrapped handle and REAL SHEEPSKIN. 
The action on this toy is fantastic because the sheepskin pieces are separated and they're different sizes and weights. It rates a 10+ on the Attract-O-Meter for dogs. This toy is just about 6' long end to end and features the same great microfiber fur over webbing interior.
There are two types of fur on the bottom of the toy, real sheepskin, and long wool real sheepskin. The smaller bite zone is the regular length wool and the larger piece at the very bottom is the long wool.

Bunny Fur Dynamite Tug Stick  $19.95

Whether used as a super tug reward or to help build interest in dogs that aren't very toy motivated, the Bunny Fur Dynamite Stick features real rabbit fur sewn onto one of the very popular Dynamite softie tug sticks. This dog toy is 17" long from end to end with a 10.5" long bite area. The Dynamite Stick itself is 1.25" in diameter. This toy has a 1" nylon handle.                                                              
Wild Thing Tail Tug Toy    $18.00 
Are you looking for a simple tug toy that is easy on your hands, will excite your dog,and can be easily put in  your pocket.
Made from faux fur, the tug is approximately 8" in length. The handle is made from 1"-wide soft-touch nylon. The overall length is 25in including the fringe.


Bunny master with braided fleece and real rabbit fur
48" braided fleece tug toy with real rabbit fur. The 100% polyester fleece is soft on your hands and easy on your dog's teeth. It's also machine washable and resistant to rips and tears. This dog toy is safe for high speed and energetic play. It's also perfect for dogs that are bite stimulated or visually stimulated. This fleece tug toy is great for agility training and flyball training as well as everyday use. 

 Wonder Ring with Sheepskin - $24.00

The toy has a 10" handle made of heavy duty 2" nylon webbing, stuffed with sheepkin like our Wonder Bars. The handle is attached to a 4" Bungee on each side (8" when stretched). The Ring is completed by connecting the Bungees to the opposite ends of a 9" x 3" length of the real sheepskin.. The sheepskin is folded in half to make a double-thick "bite zone" of 9" x 1.5". 

You can also reverse the toy and use the sheepskin hide as the handle, while the dog grabs the sheepskin stuffed Wonder Bar part. Either way, the Bungee straps work to cushion the tugging and pulling, reducing the strain on your hand and wrist and reducing the likelihood that the dog might jerk the toy from your hand.

This toy is very versatile. Give it a try - your dog will love it!

KE-HU POWER - Imported from Finland

Ke-hu for chase and catch playing.

Ke-hu Power is made to be chased. Ke-hu Power is designed for dogs that are hard to motivate. Many dogs like to chase moving object. Handler can is easyily move the toy with it’s long strip. Ke-hu Power motivates in many ways, the dog can get good bite either on the toy’s tail, rubber toy or on the webbing’s faux fur detail. Net shaped ball.

Long toy has flexibility and faux fur strip in the webbing. Toy is JW Pet’s rubber net toy, that has faux fur tail. S-size toy has fleece lining on the handle. L-size toy’s long ribbon is rubber-coated for maximum grip.

Size Chart
S - Rubber Toy length approx. 9 cm. 12cm faux fur tail. Narrow webbing. Total length approx. 137 cm.
L - Rubber Toy length approx. 16 cm. 14 cm faux fur tail. For big dogs. Total length approx. 150 cm.

Please note that Ke-hu toys are designed for active play between dog and it’s handler. They are not designed for chewing. When playtime is over, move Ke-hu out of dog’s reach. Please monitor your dog and play safe.

Ke-hu toys are made and designed in Finland
KE-HU POWER MEDIUM   $35.50 Now Available
Now Available
The Large Shaggy Sheepy Tug is the long haired version made with real, unshorn sheepskin. Strong nylon webbing forms the handle and the core of the tug toy which reinforces the sheepskin body.

The fur provides scent stimulation, while the longer haired sheepskin together with the tassel on the bottom provide increased visual stimulation.

This tug toy is approximately 27" long with 8" of sheepskin, a black 1" nylon webbing handle about 15" long, and a 4" tassel on the bottom. The sheepskin is a dark natural color, with no dye.

Economical and real SHEEPSKIN this toy has great action and a long handle for tugging comfort.
Watch the super action on this toy! This newest addition to the DRAG RACER/CHASER line is streamline to be affordable to trainers on a budget.
A great big bite zone of real Sheepskin and leather is combined with 100% Nylon webbing handle for maximum handler comfort, stand upright and save your back! This handle gives you the edge with great flipping and jumping action to entice your dog into a leaping and tugging frenzy.
The toy is 38" overall, the Sheepskin portion completely covers the bottom 7" for delicious scent and bite attraction.

This is a great toy for small dogs, dogs that like their toys near the ground, dogs that like Sheepskin, and handlers who prefer to tug while standing upright.
Rabbit fur & Fleece and Hol-ee Roller  Fur Ball Tug - $32.50

The Hol-ee Roller Fleece & Rabbit Fur Ball Tug combines a classic braided fleece and rope toy with the excitement of a hol-ee roller ball. Then to increase motivation it has the added benefit of real fur being sewn into the toy before it's braided, the fur is rabbit!

The length of the braided fleece with rabbit fur is
approximately 19 in, then plus the Hol-e Roller ball
which is diameter 3.5 in

Raccoon Chaser - $23.00

"Very enticing"

The Raccoon Chaser is great for puppies and hard-to-motivate dogs because you can drag it around on the ground and make it move erratically. This toy is handmade in Wisconsin. It is 33" long from the end of the handle to the tip of the toy; the real raccoon fur bite area is 5.5" long. The handle is made from 3/4" soft-touch nylon webbing which runs all the way through the raccoon skin. 


Real sheepskin tug toy with two webbing handles is a light weight and easy to carry version of our very popular 2 Handle Sheepy Tug with rope handles.This toy allows you to run exercises with your dog and carry the toy in your pocket. Great for easy access when it's time for that super rewarding game of tug.The webbing handles give this toy excellent flexibility and runs the entire length of the toy for strength and our world famous Genuine Dog Gear Durability.
Real Sheepskin and leather provide the scent arousal that drives your dog to work his hardest. The soft bite is both yielding and pleasurable in addition to being super safe for your dog to grip. Bite stimulated dogs will love the feel of this fur tug toy, while the two handles give you increased control during flyball or agility training
Hol-ee Roller Fleece & Rabbit Fur Ball Tug with inside Ball  $34.50

The Hol-ee Roller Fleece & Fur Ball Tug with inside Ball combines a classic braided fleece and rope toy with the excitement of a kong squeaky tennis ball inside a hol-ee roller ball. Then to increase motivation it has the added benefit of real rabbit fur being sewn into the toy before it's braided. 

This tug comes in two different sizes, small and large. The overall length of both sizes is approx. 20"- 24".

The ball on the extra-large tug is an extra-large hol-ee roller ball that is 4.5" in diameter with a regular size 2.5" kong squeaky ball inside. The ball on the large tug is a large hol-ee roller ball that is 3.5" in diameter with a small squeaky tennis ball inside 2".