BRAIDED FLEECE Lead with snap hook  -  $21.00

Made by Geniune Dog Gear

This multicolor braided fleece snap leash or slip, is great for everyday. The fleece fabric is reinforced with strong nylon webbing to give the snap leash extra shock absorption. Some dogs just won't tug on a regular nylon webbing leash, but few can resist this soft and strong braided snap leash. This braided leash is approximately 5' long.

· Tug leash
· Shock absorbing
· Soft and yet durable
· Comfortable handle
· Durable snap hook
· Machine washable

Two Handled Bungee Leash

The 2-Handled Bungee Leash is our most versatile Bungee Leash yet. The leash comes in Small and Large sizes. Both measure about 40 inches when relaxed and stretch out to 5 1/2 feet at the longest extension. The difference between the Small and Large is in the material width and weight. The Small is made of 9/16" material, with our medium weight 3/4" snap, while the Large is made of 1" material with a heavy duty 1" snap. The different weights mean difference bungee force as well, with the same amount of pull stretching the Small size a longer distance than the Large. The leash design has one handle at the end like a regular leash and a second handle near the snap for those times you need maximum control. The bungee action reduces shock on your hand and arm - and the dog's neck - when the dog lunges and tugs hard. It's a great combination of comfort and control!

The leash itself is black nylon "tubular" material, with an elastic core providing the bungee action. Both handles are lined with a soft fleece cushion, in your choice of colors. The snaps are nickel plated, corrosion resistant metal snap for strength and safety.

All of our dog leashes are 100% made in America and guaranteed to be free of any defects in workmanship and materials.

​Small - $19.50 (out of stock)

Large - $23.00



Width 15mm by 1 metre length

Available in purple


To place and order please email Janet at

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