Rabbit Tuffy Small - $25.00
 Is a real fur tug toy designed to really motivate your dog. The rabbit fur provides scent stimulation 
while the fleece stimulates your dog's bite, and the tassel at the bottom gives visual stimulation. 
This tug toy has a soft braided fleece handle that's easy on your hands. At 12" x 3", this tug toy is great for dog!

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TO THE MOON TUG - $33.00
The To The Moon Tug is made with a reinforced, braided fleece and real animal fur section (rabbit, raccoon, or coyote) and a glow-in-the-dark “moon” ball with a bungee handle. To entice your dog further, there are two real sheepskin areas: a 7" section that is part of the bungee handle, and a 3" section above the ball.

The toy is 28" long and the ball is a 2" diameter glow-in-the-dark rubber Chuck-it Moon Ball. This is a great chaser toy and long tug toy.

This toy was created for and tested by Moon, a blue merle border collie.

 WILD THANG! Bungee Toy  -  $36.00
This toy is a full 30" long, it's big. We envisioned this as a super FLYBALL toy, but it can certainly be used for many types of training. A full 16" of this toy is real fur, one side is Buffalo leather and fur (hide) the other side is long wool sheepskin. Both pieces of hide are sewn to a center strap of nylon webbing to strengthen the toy. Then we added a shock absorbing bungee portion to the handle to soften the tugging action. The handles are 100% nylon webbing which are 1" wide for comfort and good grip.
If you want a toy to dangle for a small dog, or drag on the ground for a young puppy, or a long toy to give your dog a big bite zone he can't miss, this may be the toy for you. If you want a super desirable, really large toy, this is almost certainly the toy for you.This super desirable, long wool sheepskin and buffalo tug toy is great for dragging and/or dangling.

The Ultimate Jackpot toy - $35.00

Is a combination treat toy and tug toy. The tug toy part in made with strong braided fleece and has two handles on either side of the food pouch. The food pouch itself is made with very strong nylon webbing. The pouch on this treat toy has a Velcro closure and a small pull tab for easy opening. The Ultimate Jackpot combination treat toy is about 28" long, including handles, and the food pouch is 7" x 3". 
 ​ ​ ​.

If your dog loves JW Hol-ee Rollers and tugging, this is the toy for them! The tightly braided fleece handle is made from high-quality fleece which is braided through a gap in a natural rubber Hol-ee Roller. The design that makes the ball easy for your dog to grab, the Hol-ee Roller will stretch and flex while you tug.  Braided Hol-ee Roller Fleece Tugs also make great tossing and fetching toys, plus fexibilty while tugging.
Assorted colours available!

Tug Fleece Braiding length 30cm plus fringes includes 9cm JW hol-ee roller  ball - $16.00

Tug Fleece Braiding length 30cm plus fringes includes 11cm hol-ee roller ball -  $20.00 

 TREAT PODS  $16.50 

                Fantastic for Training

Available in Regular and Petite size

Have a brightly coloured soft neoprene outer shell and soft black canvas inside making them super safe and soft to catch but still durable. They are lightly stuffed with non toxic fabric.

The three parts of the pod have a strip of Velcro on them which keeps the pod closed but also allows the dog to rip the pod open and get to the treats inside.  

In the middle of the pod there is an area that can be filled with your dog's favorite treats. The dogs can rip the Pod apart again and again to get to the treats inside satisfying their natural hunting instinct.

Awesome stimulating, reward-based toys that will keep your dog in the game

​Perfect for training and interactive play. They are fantastic at helping to build motivation and drive in food loving dogs. 

Available in Regular size and petite size

 Octa-Sheep Chaser Training Tug - $32.00

The Octa-Sheep Chaser is made from real sheepskin and is a great toy for teasing and enticing puppies and hard-to-motivate dogs to play. Drag the toy on the ground and the "tentacles" will flip and flop around to excite your dog.

The five tentacles of the "octopus" are made from squares of sheepskin folded over nylon webbing and sewn. Each tentacle is approximately 8" long and they are linked together on a small bungee ring so that there's a little bit of flex when the dog tugs with the toy. The nylon handle is 23.5" long and has a 5.5" section of natural white, curly sheepskin sewn to it to create another tugging area.


This tug is ideal for introducing motivational chasing and tug games to puppies, or for encouraging interaction with older dogs who don't naturally play.

It features an extra-long cushioned handle, which means you don’t need to bend down to play (even with small breeds), and makes it easy to keep the toy moving for maximum excitement. The long handle is also ideal if you have a dog who likes tugging, but prefers to be at a distance from you.

When your dog eventually catches up with the toy, they'll be rewarded with a soft, generously sized bite area made from real rabbit skin – a tuggy treat that's very hard to resist!

Size - This toy is approximately 120cm long with a 30cm bite area. Due to the organic nature of rabbit skin, size and density may vary. 

To see how to order please go to bottom of page!



The Bungee Bar is a Wonder Bar with a bounce. This interactive dog toy features a smooth - but rugged - nylon exterior. The toy is stuffed with real sheepskin, with some fleece mixed in. This provides plenty of bite and scent stimulation, while ensuring that the toy is firm, but not hard.

The bungee handle gives this interactive dog toy bounce and movement and helps cushion shock during motivational training games. The bungee handle is strong and easy on your hands. Designed for maximum stimulation, even the most reluctant tuggers won't be able to resist this interactive dog toy.

The body of this toy is about 12" x 2" with a 3" fringe. The bungee handle is about 11" long.

TUG N TREAT Soft Treat pouch w/handle soft $26.50 each 

Do you want to get your food-motivated dog more excited about
 playing with toys? The Tug N Treat Soft is a great tug toy It's the
 perfect toy to teach your food motivated dog how to tug ! Just put
 some of your dog's favorite treats in the pouch, and you're good to go! 
This tug toy is made with soft but durable faux fur that dogs really love. 
The pouch has a Velcro closure and measures 3.5" x 7" with a 5/8" 
webbing handle. •The Faux Fur Tug-N-Treats are super soft and 
are designed for very reluctant tuggers and soft-mouthed dogs! 

Real Rabbit Fur Squeaky Pocket Toy NEW 
$15 each - To catch your dog's attention!!!

These Real Fur Squeaker Pouches are 3" in diameter so they're small enough to fit easily in your pocket. There is a Velcro opening in the back so you can replace the squeaker inside if your dog kills it (1 squeaker is included). The back of each toy is deerskin.

Very Motivating



Our udder cow tugs are made from cleaned, recycled "inflations" sourced from local farms in Wisconsin and the midwest. 

This great three sided tug is made from the handle portion of the udder tug. This section is a little stronger than the lower section and makes a fun tug for you and your dog. It is approximately 6” long on each side. 

These toys have a slight farm smell to them which makes for an even more exciting tug! 

Single Handled Buffalo Short Tuff Bar
The Single-Handled Buffalo Tuff Tug is made with finished 8-10 oz. buffalo hide, one of the toughest natural hides available. We have tested the toy with some of the toughest tuggers we could find and the toy has proven itself a winner. Not only is it tough, but the hide feels smooth, soft, and supple so the dogs really like the feel of it in their mouths.

Having a handle on end of the toy gives you leverage while tugging. The Single-Handled Buffalo Tuff Tug is 12" long from the end of one handle to the end of the other. The bite area is 6" long and 1.5" in diameter. The soft-touch nylon handle.

To place an order please email Janet:-