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Puller Sizes Available

Mini - Diameter 18 cm x 2 cm
(includes two rings)

Midi - Diameter 20 cm x 3 cm
(includes two rings)

Standard - Diameter 28 cm x 4 cm
(includes two rings)
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PULLER – is the innovative fitness tool for dogs developed by professional cynologists.

It’s a set of two purple rings that provides daily active training and also an opportunity for the owner to gain bond with his dog.

PULLER gained the fame and recognition among the trainers and dog owners due to the unique concept of two rings. 

Why contact exercises with PULLER are important to improve understanding between the owner and the dog?

Of course, dogs aren’t born obedient and clever, knowing all the desires of the owner. However, cooperation and understanding with your pet can gradually be developed.

Trainings with PULLER based on the positive motivation and development of the dog’s basic instincts, develop the good understanding between the dog with the owner, motivate the dog to positive

obedience. And in the same time – develop intelligence cause during the trainings the dog learns how to make independent decisions.