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Raccoon Chaser - $23.00

The Raccoon Chaser is great for puppies and hard-to-motivate dogs because you can drag it around on the ground and make it move erratically. This toy is handmade in Wisconsin. It is 33" long from the end of the handle to the tip of the toy; the real raccoon fur bite area is 5.5" long. The handle is made from 3/4" soft-touch nylon webbing which runs all the way through the raccoon skin. 

Braided Bungee Sheep Chaser Tug - $28.50

Dogs love the game of chase and grab and this toy fills that need. The bungee handle makes it easier on the handlers shoulder and arm turning a tough tug session while giving the toy more action. The Braided Bungee Sheep Chaser Toy is 36" long. It has a 7"x1.5" sheep chaser attached to a 15" multi-colored braided fleece section (rope reinforced for stability). This has been attached to a 14" bungee handle made from soft touch nylon. 

Hol-ee Roller Fleece & Fur Ball Tugs - $32.50

The Hol-ee Roller Fleece & Fur Ball Tug combines a classic braided fleece and rope toy with the excitement of a hol-ee roller ball. Then to increase motivation it has the added benefit of real fur being sewn into the toy before it's braided, the fur is rabbit!

The length of the braided fleece with rabbit fur is
approximately 19 in, then plus the Hol-e Roller ball
which is diameter 3.5 in.

The combination of the udder tug with a bungee handle makes for a sturdy tug that's tough enough for hard tuggers and easy on your arm when tugging.  

The udder section is 10" long with a 13" bungee handle when relaxed. 

A soft type of rubber which dogs like on their mouth when tugging and not destructible like a lot of tugs for 
keen tuggers.
Squeaky Bouncy Tail Ball -$25.50

The Squeaky Bouncy Tail Ball is especially fun for dogs to chase and tug with! The combination of a squeaky ball and either a raccoon tail or coyote tail makes for lots of squeaky and scent filled fun.

The tail comes in  raccoon with a piece of nylon sewn through the middle of the tail to make it tougher. The tail is approximately 8" long with a airdog kong squeaky tennis ball.

The kong squeaky tennis ball is a regular sized tennis ball approximately 2.5". 

Expecially great for puppies



New Trainers BPA Treat Pouch available
Awesome stimulating, reward-based toys that will keep your dog in the game !
​Perfect for training and interactive play. They are fantastic at helping to build motivation and drive in food loving dogs. 
The Pods have a brightly coloured soft neoprene outer shell and soft black canvas inside making them super safe and soft to catch but still durable. They are lightly stuffed with non toxic fabric.

The three parts of the pod have a strip of Velcro on them which keeps the pod closed but also allows the dog to rip the pod open and get to the treats inside.  

In the middle of the pod there is an area that can be filled with your dog's favorite treats. The dogs can rip the Pod apart again and again to get to the treats inside satisfying their natural hunting instinct.

How strong are Puppingtons Pods ?
Designed to withstand the pressure of being opened repeatedly but like any soft toys they will not stand up to being chewed so care should be given with toy destroying dogs. 

Taking Care of your  Pod. 
To make sure your Pod stays happy and healthy when you have finished playing with it leave it in the open position to allow the inside to dry out. If it gets dirty simply wipe it with a wet cloth and allow it to dry. We recommend you do not machine wash it..

Real sheepskin tug toy with two webbing handles is a light weight and easy to carry version of our very popular 2 Handle Sheepy Tug with rope handles.This toy allows you to run exercises with your dog and carry the toy in your pocket. Great for easy access when it's time for that super rewarding game of tug.The webbing handles give this toy excellent flexibility and runs the entire length of the toy for strength and our world famous Genuine Dog Gear Durability.
Real Sheepskin and leather provide the scent arousal that drives your dog to work his hardest. The soft bite is both yielding and pleasurable in addition to being super safe for your dog to grip. Bite stimulated dogs will love the feel of this fur tug toy, while the two handles give you increased control during flyball or agility training.
At 27" x 3", this fur tug toy is a great size