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Puller Sizes Available Below

Mini - Diameter 18 cm x 2 cm  $19.60
(includes two rings)
Plus free Puller bag for a limited time

Midi - Diameter 20 cm x 3 cm  $23.50
(includes two rings)
Plus free Puller bag for a limited time

Standard - Diameter 28 cm x 4 cm $31.50
(includes two rings)
Plus free Puller bag for a limited time
LIKER BALL LINE 35CM Length includes Handle
(easier to throw)

Tug it... toss it... roll it... float it! There are so many ways to use the Puller to keep your dogs mentally stimulated and physically challenged.

The Puller is made out of a unique proprietary material (not rubber) that is safe, nontoxic, scentless, lightweight, durable, strong, and does not damage or wear down your dog’s teeth and gums. The resilient material actually lets your dog’s teeth sink deep inside it, without the toy losing its shape and strength.

Dogs love the gentle squishy feeling when they chomp down on the ring and we've found this toy quickly becomes a favorite, especially if you transition back and forth between playing fetch and tugging. You can also use two Pullers to work on training your retrieve and release. 

The Puller is not intended to be used as an unsupervised chew toy, but we experienced no problems with allowing dogs to chomp on the Pullers as they retrieved them and also as a reward at the end of play or training time. We just took the Puller away when the interactive session was over.

FLYBER   $16.00 EACH
Puller Bag    $9.50
2 rings concept
• Constant contact
• Strong motivation
• Helps in building bond with dog

Also Can Play the two toy game

Produced from special material:
• Absolutely harmless for dog’s jaws and teeth
• Lightweight and floaty
• Special durable material
5cm Diameter Ball        $9.50

7cm Diameter Ball        $11.50

5cm Ball with Line length 35cm includes handle            $14.00

7cm Ball with Line length 35cm includes handle            $16.00

5cm Ball with cord length 30cm $12.00

7cm Ball with cord length 30cm $14.00
Liker Line – a new great toy
that will help to bring diversity
to games with a dog.
• Lightweight, floaty and absolutely
harmless to dogs
teeth and gums
• Thanks to a comfortable
nylon loop handle, playing
tug of war will be more

LIKER`s unique material allows to combine the best properties of toys for dogs of different materials (rubber, plastic, nylon and cotton).

LIKER is lightweight and maneuverable. When you throw the ball far due to its unique shape may slightly change the flight path, adding excitement to the game.

Games on the water now become interesting. LIKER does not sink and it is almost entirely above the water surface. With LIKER your dog will easily learn to swim.

The unique LIKER material is non-toxic, and while biting it does not hurt teeth and gums of the dog.

1. PULLER is made with high-purity polymer. It is LIGHT WEIGHT and therefore allows small dogs and children to use it as well
2. FLOATING, the material allows the projectile to float. 
3. ODOURLESS, has no smell.
4. DOESN'T INJURE the dog's teeth and gums. The uniqueness of the material allows teeth to sink in the material. The shape and properties PULLER persist for a long time.
Meet Flyber — the first double-sided flying disk for dogs and their owners.

Due to the optimal size, unique shape and material, it is excellent for playing with dogs of different breeds and sizes. Even dogs that have not previously showed interest in playing with flying disks, can not resist Flyber. This is not a variation of a Frisbee disk, but a brand new toy for dogs. The dog can easily bite the Flyber with no harm. A dog experiences a real delight when its teeth sink inside the material. And even if a dog can not catch Flyber in the air, it can easily pick Flyber up from the ground, thus obtaining desired prize.

Flyber Diameter SIZE 22CM

Main advantages of Flyber:

Double-sided. Variable flight path.
Unique material. Dogs love it.
Unique shape. Easy to pick up from the ground.
Does not break.
Harmless for teeth and gums.
Suitable for outdoor and indoor games. 
THERABIS CALM AND QUIET Available in Sachets or Treats

Therabis Calm and Quiet Treat Supplements leverage a powerful formula to ease anxiety and help dogs maintain a calm demeanour through stressful situations. Whole-plant cannabinoids and L-theanine create an effective combination in a fast-acting treat to keep dogs at their social and emotional best for happier, healthier pets.

Helps dogs maintain a calm energy through stressful situations.
Fast-acting treats with dog-approved taste. (100% palatability).
Formulated with natural hemp oil, flavonoids and a comprehensive vitamin blend.
Enhanced with L-Theanine to increase alpha wave generation and lower anxiety.
Developed and refined for more than 10 years by lifelong veterinarian Dr Stephen M. Katz, who’s driven by his passion to improve animals’ quality of life.
Active Ingredients

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 
L-theanine (from green tea)
Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C)
Hemp Protein 
Green Lipped Mussel
Other Ingredients
Garbanzo Flour
Coconut Oil
Pea Flour
Flaxseed Meal
Coconut Glycerin
Vegan Bacon Flavoring
Sorbic Acid

Maps of the electrical activity of the brain have shown that excessive stress may be the result of hyperactivity of the neurons of the Limbic System. Natural hemp oil can interact with neurological receptors, preventing neurons from generating electrical currents and calming them. It's also been shown to redistribute blood flow within the brain in ways associated with a reduction in tension.

“Studies have proven that anxious dogs, when treated with L-Theanine tablets, objectively demonstrated greater human interaction and overall comfort.”
Thunder, fireworks, car rides, and separation can cause distress in your dog. Therabis’ Calm and Quiet uses natural ingredients to reduce stress levels and help dogs keep their cool. Our powerful veterinarian-developed formula includes natural hemp oil, L-Theanine (from green tea) and chromium to keep your dog at his or her social and emotional best for a happier, healthier pet.