a new great toy that will help to bring diversity
to games with your dog.

• Lightweight, floaty and absolutely harmless to dogs
teeth and gums

5cm Diameter Ball $9.50

7cm Diameter Ball $11.50

5cm Ball with Line length 35cm includes handle $14.00

7cm Ball with Line length 35cm includes handle $16.00

5cm Ball with cord length 30cm $12.00

7cm Ball with cord length 30cm $14.00

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These balls are great for building drive with your dog that is really driven by a ball, the rope means you can put a lot of movement into these ball to trigger drive!

Bende Ball- Hollow Rubber $9.50

Authentic and the original Bende Ball strong and durable.
Available in Sizes below:-

Hollow Ball 6cm with 30cm rope handle
Hollow Ball 6cm with 54cm rope handle
Hollow Ball 6cm with 30cm rope plastic toggle 

Hollow Ball 5cm with 54cm rope handle
Hollow Ball 5cm with 30cm rope handle

BENDE Kong ON A ROPE -  Clearance $5.00

 Medium size with 30cm rope handle
Squeaky Bouncy Tail Ball -$25.50

The Squeaky Bouncy Tail Ball is especially fun for dogs to chase and tug with! The combination of a squeaky ball and either a raccoon tail or coyote tail makes for lots of squeaky and scent filled fun.

The tail comes in raccoon with a piece of nylon sewn through the middle of the tail to make it tougher. The tail is approximately 8" long with a airdog kong squeaky tennis ball.

The kong squeaky tennis ball is a regular sized tennis ball approximately 2.5". 

Liker Cord
Liker Line