7cm Diameter Ball only  $8.00

5cm Ball with Line length 35cm includes handle $9.50

7cm Ball with Line length 35cm includes handle $10.50

5cm Ball with cord length 30cm $9.50

7cm Ball with cord length 30cm $10.50

Best suited to medium and smaller breed dogs, the LIKER9 encourages and enhances your pet's playtime. Made of durable, lightweight material makes it easier to throw, and the unique shape of the ball allows the ball to change direction in flight to enhance your dog's playtime experience. The special rubber cord doesn't cause harm to thrower's hands and also maintains a safe distance between your hands and their teeth. Non-toxic so will not cause injury to your pet if chewed. Don't worry if your dog likes playing in water - it floats! 

Product Features
Liker not just a ball! this is a toy that you and your pet would like and even love!
Unique material allows to combine the best properties of toys for dogs of different materials (rubber, plastic, nylon and cotton)
7 cm in diameter.
Rubberized cord aids in prevention of damage dog owner's hands, helps to play the dog, increases intensity of your workout
The unique liker material is non-toxic, and while biting it does not hurt teeth and gums of the dog.

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These balls are great for building drive with your dog that is really driven by a ball, the rope means you can put a lot of movement into these ball to trigger drive!

Bende Balls
Imported from Europe

Authentic and the original Bende Ball strong and durable.
Available in Sizes below:- 

$15.50 each   Special now $10.00

Ball 60mm with 30cm rope handle or toggle end

Ball 50mm with 60cm rope handle

Ball 70mm with 30cm rope handle or toggle end

Can be used as a ball

Bouncing Billy's Treat Balls are a fantastic way to keep your dog amused while enjoying its meals or some yummy treats

They are made from great quality TPR rubber which is light and flexible enough to be used as a catch toy

When dropped they will bounce so will keep your dog entertained even when the treats are finished
They measure approx 7cm across - Colour Purple

They have a smallish 1.5cm hole on one side and a star shaped hole on the other side allowing air to flow through for safety

Liker Cord
Liker Line
SOFT BALL from Europe -  Sponge Ball for Small dogs & Puppies - 30cm cord length  
IN STOCK NOW  -  $10.50 each
To order, please go to bottom of the page!