I CLICKER  $3.00

With the new i-Click you won't miss a clickable moment because you fumbled with your clicker. It has been designed to let you click no matter how you happen to grab it. You can click with your thumb, your palm or even your foot. And no more worries about clicking with gloves on, if you suffer from arthritis or if you have long nails.
The new i-Click is disabled friendly. Drop the clicker on the floor (it always lands in a clickable position) and you can click with your foot. Strap it to a wheel chair and click with your palm or chin.
The trigger has been engineered so that a small amount of pressure is all you need to click, but you aren't likely to click early or mistakenly - balance, something a clicker trainer really appreciates.
The i-Click is small enough to be hidden in your palm, not only does this make it wonderfully discreet, but you can click in that position. This means you don't have to worry that the clicker may become a visual cue.


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Clicker & Target Stick in One!! $23.00

This exciting item combines two of the most popular dog training tools, a clicker and a target stick. Stainless steel spring is completely enclosed for safety. Large exterior button allows for ease of clicking! Extends 21"

Clicker with a finger strap!