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Scent Articles - Seekbacks - UDX Articles
All our articles are all numbered and made to Obedience Competition standards!

Articles can be purchased as a set or separately.

All individually numbered and includes:-

5 numbered Leather Articles
5 numbered Hardwood Wood Articles
5 numbered Metals Articles

ARTICLES can be purchased separate if you need extra sets:-

One set of Leather Articles (5 numbered)              $10.50

One set of Metal Articles (5 numbered)                  $8.50

One set of Harwood Articles (5 numbered)            $10.50

One set of Knurled Metals (5 numbered)                $35.00 

UDX DECOY ARTICLES - $4.20 a set of two numbered
In Metal, Leather or Wood whatever your choice is and we will
number them for you.

SEEK BACK ARTICLE for UD                          $17.00 each
made from laminated Leather and hand sewn with black stitching!
It holds scent really well and great thickness for your dog to
pick it up.

Approximately the size of a wood article.


 SET OF scent discrimination articles with Knurled Metals 
 5 numbered knurled metals
 5 numbered hardwood articles
 5 numbered leather articles


For ordering, enquiries or a postage price, please email:-

A set of Knurled Metals - $35.00 

(5 numbered)     
Has etching(by an engineer) on the metal, to make it easier for a dog having trouble picking up the metal articles!