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           SHORT TRAINING APRON - $42.00  


Especially great to wear for Summer Training

Similar to the training vest - two Large front pockets and a large back pocket across the back,
The apron base color is black, the colour of the pockets are

For Training or Walking your dog! This practicable short training apron will become your irreplaceable helper in training sessions.
Having lots of pockets to keep your dog's favourite
treats, tugs, balls any motivational gear, and other personal things like phone, car keys!
Has two deep front pockets, plus two small pockets and a long deep pocket all the way through on the back of the apron,
perfect for tugs!

Colours available are:-

Black Pink Turquoise

3XLarge/3XLarge new size

For all orders or help with sizing, please email Janet
The Trainers Treat Pouch - $38.50 with Belt
 was designed by an Australian dog trainer who understood the need for a practical and durable treat dispenser for dog training sessions, whether you're a professional or a dedicated dog owner at home.

The pouch is made from high quality BPA-free, non-toxic silicone. This means you can carry both dry and wet dog treats (especially our dogs' favourite - roasted chicken!) without any odours being absorbed or mould developing.

​ Price includes The Trainers Pouch and Durable trade quality belt in Black
So why is The Trainer's Pouch the Ultimate Training Pouch?
Made by Trainers for Trainers
Made from high quality BPA free Non toxic Silicone
Flexible making reinforcement quick and cleaning easy (flips inside out)
Does NOT absorb odours or promote mould growth
Suitable for all Wet & Dry treat types
Durable, Practical & Professional finish and comes with high quality easy adjustable belt
Waterproof & Dishwasher Safe (top shelf) making cleaning a breeze

*Pouch is12cm H x 15cm W x 7cm D and the belt is 120cm long

Available in Purple, and Pink


$20.00 each Available in Black or Red

The Puppingtons Popit Pouch - $15.00
includes belt

A small discreet but pretty pouch designed for when you just want to carry a few treats, ideal for showing, small training sessions or everyday walks.

Our Popit Pouch is made from soft neoprene which is durable and easily wiped clean, you can even turn it inside out to get those last few crumbs out.

This pretty little pouch is easy to wear around your waist with the belt also supplied.

Magnets make it simple to open and close

So why Popit ?? Well this is the best bit, this little pouch can be used in lots of different ways.

Popit on your belt
Popit in your bag
Popit in the fridge
Popit in a treat pouch - yes you can use it as an easily removable treat pouch liner - fits our PupPouch Petite perfectly ;)
Popit on the fridge, the car, the err anything metal - Simply turn it inside out and the magnets stick on anything metal

Colour Purple with Black trim
How big is it ? Measuring just 10cm high, 12cm wide and 7cm across the bottom its a cute little pouch but still holds quite a few treats.

How to keep your Puppingtons Popit clean
Simply wipe out after use and leave inside out or open to dry
Size Chart for Training Apron below:-

Size XS-S    M-L     XL-XXL    3XL-4XL

Waist 60-80  74-92  88-110     102-124

Hips 92        104      126          134


These awesome pouches have the following features:

 A huge main pocket for treats or a ball

A small zip up pocket on the front

A magnet closure to keep everything away from little noses

A clips on the back for attaching to your pants or belt

Includes a belt

They measure 14cm high x 13cm wide (approx)

All in all an easy to use pouch perfect for any training class or walk